Published by Travalyst *
The Re-emergence of Travel  Report explores the options available to the tourism industry in the year ahead, and how we might collectively build a more sustainable and balanced future. This paper brings together key emerging trends and insights from across the industry to identify the ways COVID-19 could impact the future of tourism, and the role that the industry can play to ensure a transformational future.
Key findings in the report include:
  • When communities are involved in the process of creating solutions from the start, then it is possible to develop sustainable, scalable, and profitable approaches for the long-term.
  • New and emerging sustainable tourism models that focus on full transparency, sharing value, and building resilience and regeneration in local communities must become the norm.
  • This is the right time to act. The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for travellers to reconsider their own impact and demand more from businesses and governments to drive sustainable development.
  • Current business models need to continue to be adaptable and innovative to cater to a more fluid consumer environment, recognising the uncertainty we’re living through.
  • Supporting innovation in energy must remain a priority for the entire industry, as it is for the world, with a strong focus on options for reliable, renewable power that aids self-sufficiency and is affordable. 
  • Collaboration is essential to this success. In the year that changed everything, glimpses of communities coming together, with acts of compassion in times of desperate need, were both uplifting and plentiful. Harnessing this collective mindset as the industry rebuilds will be vital.
* Travalyst: Led by The Duke of Sussex in partnership with, Google, Skyscanner, Group, Tripadvisor, and Visa, Travalyst is a non-profit organisation working to identify – and help bring about – the systemic changes needed in order for sustainable travel to be taken out of the niche, and into the mainstream.
We believe tourism can, and must, play a key role in achieving a sustainable future for our world; so we’re convening the key players, and catalysing the necessary action, to change the impact of travel, for good. We are committed to being a driving force that redefines what it means to travel, helping everyone explore our world in a way that protects both people and places, and secures
a positive future for destinations and local communities for generations to come.